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Terms and Conditions for Use of Video Equipment: In an effort to provide excellent quality of service to DU Faculty, Staff, and Students, the following rules are established for facilities and equipment use. 

Equipment Rental Policy

  • 1. Equipment Reservations: Equipment and facilities scheduling, for both students and faculty, is done via the online registration system located at Please submit requests with as much advance notice as possible. There is no guarantee that equipment request will be approved.
    • Requests are fulfilled on a “first come, first served” basis, while considering the following priority status criteria:
      • First Priority: MFJS faculty and students for use in video production classes and related assignments.
      • Second Priority: MFJS students enrolled in independent study with the sponsorship of an MFJS Film Production Faculty member.
      • Third Priority: All other use will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Equipment and facilities requests are not official until approved by the Equipment Manager or the Director of Technical Services.
    • Equipment pickup and drop-off times will be posted online, and on the cage door and throughout the MFJS building. Students will be notified of the schedule at the start of each quarter. Students are responsible for adhering to the cage schedule. Exceptions to the cage schedule will be very few and very far between. All requests for cage activity outside cage hours will be handled at the discretion of the Equipment Manager and the Director of Technical Services.
  • 2. Liability: All persons scheduled to use the MFJS equipment are responsible for their correct operation. Please ask if you need assistance! Renters will be held financially liable for damage done to equipment and/or facilities due to user-error.
    • All persons scheduled to use the MFJS equipment are liable for all production activities and personnel under their supervision. Renters will be held financially liable for loss, damage, or theft of the facilities and/or equipment.
    • At no time will the University of Denver be responsible for liability from injury or accidents, or from the failure to follow the MFJS Facilities Policy, or failure to follow applicable laws, or failure to obtain necessary clearances or permits, or failure to properly credit your sources within your film.
  • 3. Rental Duration: [Winter 2021: Equipment rental duration will be between 2-days and 10-weeks, depending on course/assignment requirements. Each booking will have a pickup and drop-off time and you are responsible to return gear before the due date.] The normal equipment rental duration is two days (48 hours). Longer rentals, rental extensions, and consecutive rentals will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Equipment Manager and the Director of Technical Services. Exceptions will be considered according to equipment availability, previous rental record, and justification provided.
    • Equipment must be returned by the agreed upon return date, as noted in MFJS policy. Failure to do so without legitimate cause will result in a “strike” on the student’s record.
    • Reservations can be cancelled at any time using the online equipment reservation system. Reservations are automatically cancelled if you do not collect the reservation within one hour (60 minutes) of the time requested on your reservation. MFJS reserves the right to cancel a reservation for any reason.
    • Equipment must be picked up and returned by the individual on the reservation forms. In all cases, the responsibility of the equipment remains with the student listed on the reservation form.
  • 4. Penalties, fines, and rules enforcement: The MFJS department operates using a “three-strikes” system for student infractions of the MFJS terms of use. After violating the outlined policies, a “strike” will be added to the student’s record. Strike one will result in a warning and/or fines, and the notification of relevant MFJS faculty. Strike two will result in additional fines and a meeting with relevant MFJS faculty and the Director of Technical Services. Strike three will result in student loss of all equipment privileges, including computer labs and equipment rental. Late fees, repair fees, and replacement fees are handled at the discretion of the Director of Technical Services and MFJS Faculty.
    • A $20.00 late fee will be assessed per-item for failure to return equipment on time. Each day the equipment is late thereafter, the late fee will double. If equipment is not returned within one week of the due date, it will be considered lost, and the fee will be the full cost of the equipment replacement. Any equipment returned late, without legitimate cause, will result in a “strike” on the student’s record and relevant fees.
    • In the case of nonworking or damaged equipment, immediately stop use and notify the MFJS Equipment Desk. Any problems concerning equipment must be immediately reported to the equipment manager and/or Director of Technical Services. Do not attempt to open or repair checkout equipment that is not functioning.
    • Returned equipment will be inspected and evaluated within 24 hours of return. If, during this evaluation period, a problem is found that was not originally reported, the previous user will be contacted immediately. The renter is liable for all damages resulting from misuse, loss, or negligence.
    • Individuals not complying with the terms and conditions for use of MFJS facilities and equipment will lose privileges and incur fees for loss/damage/theft or late return of equipment. All fees or invoices for must be paid within 30 days of invoice. Failure to pay fines or charges will result in further legal action, including academic suspension, loss of credit, holds on registration and graduation, etc., until the matter is resolved.